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Value-Added Services N'Genuity Provides to Our Partners

  • Immediate response to questions
  • Frequent visits from manufacturing representatives
  • Product SOPs for use in dining facilities/field kitchens
  • Point of sale materials
  • Menu ideas and free training
  • Experience with government incentive programs
  • Quality product & exceptional support for customers

Benefits to Our Partners

  • Maximize your dollars spent
    For every $1 spent with N'Genuity, receive up to $5 of socio-economic credit against government contracting requirements

Small Business Advantages Offered by N'Genuity

  • Indian Incentive Program ("IIP") recognizes long history of Native American contributions to U.S. military
    IIP supports the small business contributions of Native American-owned businesses that provide high quality products and services to the military today.

  • N'Genuity participates in Department of Defense IIP rebate program
    Customer receives a 5% rebate of gross invoice for dollars spent with N'Genuity.

    In October 2010 alone, one customer was eligible for $150,000 rebate from Dept. of Defense

Building Successful Partnerships

  • Wartime programs demand flexibility and responsiveness
  • N'Genuity dedicated to worldwide support for our partners
  • Ability to scale to meet changing needs
  • Commitment to innovation

    N'Genuity provides stability and security as a Top 10 supplier of DLA Troop Support (formerly DSCP's) Top 100 Foodservice Suppliers.

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